About Us


We are Irish and proud of it!  We share our culture, our music and our language.  We consist of members who pay a yearly membership fee to assist our society share what is important to us.

Founding Members:

Lauren ThomasTaoiseach (Prime Minister pronounced tee shook)
Garrett Coleman –
Pam Coleman –
Victoria Graham
Leah Reynolds
Joan Tremain
Mary Ellen Davis
Harry Nichols
Dick Coyne – Minister of Hooligans (Membership)
Pat Higgins
Allison Thomas – 
Georgianna Trietley
Nancy Maihoff – Rúnaí (Secretary pronounced roon nee)

Tánaiste (Deputy Minster pronounced tawn iesht)

Leaprechaun (our treasurer, protector of our pot of gold)

Minister of Shenanigan (events and activities)



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